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About us

We enact an outstanding level of policy making.
We supply serenity through excellent consulting.
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Root Level Resources

Root Level Resources is a leading international consultancy firm. We provide top-quality frameworks which are used by our clients for decision-making. These frameworks are based on our extensive knowledge of different data policies and complex markets. This allows Root Level Resources to provide effective solutions to even the most complex problems you experience. We can help you to systematically assess risks, their likelihood and potential impact on your business operations. We also provide advanced tools to ensure ongoing monitoring of risks, while taking into account the respective likelihood and the specialized nature of these risks. Our team of experts consistently offer outstanding consulting services and technical support relating to risk-assessment of online safety, data policies and many other issues unique to our clients.

Our specialized services include Network Security Audit, comprehensive Cyber Risk Assessment, as well as full support in such fields as KYC, KYCC, KYI and EDD.

New technologies are dynamic, increasingly interconnected and dependent on a wide range of outside factors. This means that many traditional risk-assessment strategies used today are being rendered obsolete. Our team of experts recognize this new reality. We understand the importance of staying on top of these changes in the dynamic and globalized business world. Our team delivers successful solutions because they never stop learning, improving their skill sets, exchanging best practices and attending industry-leading international events. This is what is at the root of our high-quality services.

We have what it takes to continue leading in the field of advanced technologies.

Data Privacy and Security

We recognize the supreme importance of data security for our clients. When conducting CDD, KYC, KYI and KYCC assessments we follow best-practice procedures and comply fully with the data legislation applicable. We guarantee the data obtained over the course of the assessment is stored and handled in a secure and confidential way. Root Level Resources abides by the highest-standard data security guidelines at all stages of our work.