Network Security Audit

Network security has grown in importance over the last two decades, especially for:

  • Insurers who wish to assess the level of risk exposure of their potential clients
  • Companies that want to avoid falling victim to cyber attacks and security breaches
  • Financial services providers who are wary of possible damage to their reputation

Root Level Resources has a network of industry leaders and experts at our disposal. As a result, we can provide our clients an audit that meets the highest standards of quality and confidentiality.

Our Network Security Audit includes the following key elements:

  • Device & Platform Identification
  • Security Policy Review
  • Security Architecture Review
  • Firewall Configuration Review
  • Penetration Testing

Cyber Insurance Policy

Insurers today are faced with difficult challenges when it comes to formulating cyber-related policies. There are wide-ranging issues that need addressing. The asymmetry of information adds complexity to the task of identifying and formulating specific risks. Most of us still struggle to articulate cyber risks in an intelligible way. Additionally, risks can spring from any element within the network. Such complexity and interdependence has the potential to create multiple layers of risks.

We offer decision-making support across many regions and markets, allowing insurers to spot insurance policy opportunities and potential challenges. Our assessments are driven by the data available to insurers.

We are leaders in:

  • Monitoring, analyzing and controlling for risks of newly-issued policies in different markets
  • Resolving and explaining important front and back reconciliation items
  • Developing future scenarios and analyses for the policies issued
  • Resolving any exceptions / Providing guidance on exceptions to the rules
  • Ongoing monitoring to make amendments to the hierarchy of policies as required and ensure smooth business operations
  • Creating DSS tools across all policy types, ensuring they meet final product specifications

Data Privacy and Security

We recognize the supreme importance of data security for our clients. When conducting CDD, KYC, KYI and KYCC assessments we follow best-practice procedures and comply fully with the data legislation applicable. We guarantee the data obtained over the course of the assessment is stored and handled in a secure and confidential way. Root Level Resources abides by the highest-standard data security guidelines at all stages of our work.